COVID-19 Updates

ARCH is still open at our main campus and continuing to serve our clients in the ARCHKids program, DTA program for adults and Drop-in program for Adults.
Our Paradise Valley Summer Program has been reopened! The Program will be held at Scottsdale Christian Academy and will begin on June 7th! Contact Janine Warne for how to register.

Please check back here for more updates.

Current protocols to keep everyone safe at our main campus include:

- Parents and caregivers are asked to test their children or family member first if they have been in contact with someone with COVID-19.
- Our building is cleaned and disinfected in the morning before use and at the end of day after participants have left.
- Doors and commonly touched surfaces are cleaned and disinfected in between group activities.
- Daily temperature checks and questionnaires to check for symptoms. If a participant is experiencing symptoms a family member or caregiver will be asked to pick them up.
- Advice on proper hand washing techniques are posted in visible places throughout the building and restrooms and hands are washed in between each activity.
- Staff are required to wear face masks.
- Participants are asked to wear a mask where possible. See Footnote below1
- Educational reminders on COVID-19 health practices are being held for all participants.
- Activities are taking place with an assigned staff member in smaller groups across the campus to enable social distancing.
- Activities are still rotated throughout the day to maintain a fulfilling day, on-site.
- All outings, field trips and off-campus activities are currently cancelled.
- Currently all Special events, Public performances, and Adventure trips are cancelled. Some holiday celebrations are still taking place during daily programming.

Employee Screening

Prior to clocking in, each employee is asked to respond to a health screening, which includes current temperature and a symptoms/exposure questionnaire.

Visitor Screening

We are currently hosting no visitors on campus. If you come to ARCH to pick up a participant, please call the front desk (602-230-2226) and staff will monitor participant safety while exiting the building. If you are unable to call, please go no further than the front desk and wait outside the building while the participant is informed you are here.

Participant Attendance

Participants may remain home with no changes to access to programming upon their return.


  1. Participants are asked to wear a mask where possible. However, mask wearing is not mandatory for anyone with a developmental disability or other health conditions. CDC guidelines state that “Wearing masks may be difficult for people with sensory, cognitive, or behavioral issues”. In the City of Phoenix, “Those with a medical condition, mental health condition, developmental disability, or are otherwise covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act” are exempt from the mandatory mask order. We will therefore assess it on a case by case basis, in liaison with parents and caregivers.