Meet our Participants

Our participants come from all walks of life. We serve children, teens and adults with any disability, developmental and/or physical. Many have more than one diagnosis or a range of medical conditions and illnesses.

First and foremost they come to ARCH so they have a safe place to be during the day. Parents and caregivers rely on us to care for their special needs family member or child while they work, knowing they are in a safe environment with specialized staff and support. We provide a facility that is ADA accessible that meets their particular needs. Our Center is unique because we offer self-directed education based on a participant's own choice of activities. We are the only facility of its kind in the State of Arizona and one of only three such organizations in the US. We are proud of the services we have brought to thousands of individuals in the last 45 years.

Over the years, we have served individuals with the following disabilities:
For those with chronic illnesses in our care, our staff are available if needed, during their whole time at ARCH. We administer medicine on a daily basis and our relevant staff are trained and refer to the ‘Best Practices Medical Handbook for Drug Administration’. All of our staff are first aid certified to ensure the proper medical care of our participants, especially for those that are medically compromised such as diabetics or epileptics that require regular monitoring for health and safety concerns. We also have a defibrillator for emergencies.

Read about some of our participants below:


"ARCH has taught me how to be nice and how to be more calm"
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“I’ve learnt how to be calmer. My coping skills are now better"
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“ARCH helps me feel good!"
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“ARCH gives you more choices of things to do"
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“I was born and raised at ARCH"
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