Invest in US! An Energy Efficiency Renovations Project

In July 2022, we completed our Invest in Us! Energy Efficiency Renovations project.

We are constantly improving our campus for the benefit of our participants. Now that ARCH owns its campus and buildings, debt free, the Board of Directors were committed to upgrading the campus. Quality programs and services are of the utmost importance. However, without the proper infrastructure in place, there would be no programs or services for our participants with disabilities.

The HVAC units and doors were in desperate need of replacing. The roof was leaking and was patched temporarily. The old roof, kitchen and restrooms were built in 2001. We started fundraising in 2018, and despite some delays during the recent pandemic, we were able to gather funds from 6 local foundations including the City of Phoenix, the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, the Del E. Webb Foundation, the Kemper & Ethel Marley Foundation, the Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation and an anonymous Foundation.

When we envisioned this renovation project we decided to make ‘Energy Efficiency’ one of our main goals. The outcome and projected benefits of this campaign were to increase energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, improve accessibility, and improve individual comfort for all visiting the campus. We carried out the project in 3 Phases. Overall, we:

Upgraded and replaced all HVAC units, indoor and outdoor lighting and doors.

Installed new roofing for the campus buildings.

Upgraded our restrooms and kitchen to further promote energy efficiency while adhering to ADA building requirements.

Included pigeon mitigation during the roof renovations and upgraded our duck sox ventilation system in the gym.

Upgraded and replaced floors in our main recreation room, exercise and fitness room, stage, entry hallway and offices, making them much easier to sanitize with less water needed.

Added new energy efficient LED interior lights in our main recreation room, entryway, halls, kitchen and offices.

Installed new drinking fountains in our gym and main building.

Painted the exterior of all our buildings (Kids building, gym, main building, concessions stand, garage and 3 screen walls).

Our annual utility bills are already showing a 24% decrease compared to the years prior to the renovations. Thank you to everyone who supported us during this project and for your patience during construction.

A special thanks to three of our ARCH Board members who oversaw every step of the project ~ Paul Kalkbrenner, Frank Rosales and John Szafran.

We hope everyone enjoys and benefits from the upgrades for many more years to come.