Our new Cornerstone the Future of ARCH project aims to secure the purchase of the 5 acres of property that ARCH currently leases from the City of Phoenix.

Although ARCH owns its buildings, the land at our Colter Street site has been leased from the City of Phoenix since 1986 for a nominal fee per month. In June 2015 we were informed that the terms of our lease could be renewed, but we would see an increase in rent to almost $6,000 a month. After much negotiation, the City of Phoenix has now given us the opportunity to purchase the property for the appraised value of $940,000. The ARCH Board of Directors firmly believes we need to take advantage of this one-time opportunity to secure the legacy that ARCH has built over the past 41 years. In June 2016, the Phoenix City Council approved our request to purchase the property.
ARCH is implementing a three-pronged approach to generate the funds needed:

• ARCH Reserves

• Grants from Corporations and Foundations

• Individual Donations

ARCH is committing up to 30% ($282,000) from our reserve funds and is implementing a capital campaign to raise the remaining $658,000. The project will be with the collaboration of major philanthropic organizations and foundations in the Metro Phoenix area, many of whom have supported capital campaigns at ARCH in the past.

If you would like to contribute to our land acquisition project you can mail us a check or donate below.

Thank you.

Help us Cornerstone the Future of ARCH to ensure our valued services will continue for years to come