ECC Tax Credit Campaign

Did you know you can still donate to ARCH until April 15, 2020, and receive an Arizona State Tax credit on your donation? (Up to $400 for single filers and $800 for couples).
This year, we are partnering with Executive Council Charities SAY LLC (ECC) in Phoenix, to generate additional matching funds for our ARCHKids Program for children with special needs*. ECC and their ‘Support Arizona Youth’ campaign are approved as an umbrella organization for the tax credit, so when you give through this partner effort, your gift will qualify for the tax credit, ECC will forward us 100% of the funds plus an extra 25% match (up to $2,000 on the first $8,000 we raise) and they’ll also cover the credit card processing fees!

Donate online via their website (Select the amount you wish to donate then fill in your details at checkout - for ‘EC70 Member’ select ‘Originating Charity’) or download and mail in their brochure with a check or credit card details. If you prefer your donation to be allocated to a different ARCH program, you can indicate this in the memo box or line provided at checkout or on the brochure.

You will receive confirmation of your donation and a letter to show your accountant, directly from ECC. They will pass on your contact details to ARCH after the campaign.

For more information about ECC and their campaign, you can see their website here: