Participant eligibility is dependent upon the program desired:

1. DTA participants are required to be no longer attending high school and have a DDD Coordinator.

2. Drop-In participants must not require direct 1:1 supervision and be able to pay the monthly $40.00 fee or $2.00 per day.

3. Adventure Club participants must provide an attendant to accompany them if 1:1 supervision is required; otherwise the supervision ratio is approximately 1:4. They must be able to be 'on the go' for several hours, and be able to pay the vacation fees or have available respite hours.

Contact us to arrange a tour of our facilities and to discuss your needs. You can also fill out our Participant Form below and someone will be in touch with you to discuss it further. Or download and print it and fill it in by hand.

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Participant Information Form

1 Basic Info
2 Important Contacts
3 Contacts & Permissions
4 Medical Information
5 Medical Information
6 Demographics