ARCH Legacy Fund

A Legacy Gift to ARCH supports children, adolescents, and adults with special needs and their families. Estate gifts of all sizes make a lasting impact.

The funds are carefully managed by knowledgeable financial experts through policies approved and monitored by ARCH’s Board of Directors.

If you would like to consider including ARCH in your future planning, we ask that you contact your own personal attorney or estate planner directly to make arrangements, and then let us know your plans.

The long lasting impact of your charitable gift can be accomplished through a variety of options:
~ Will Bequest
~ Life Insurance Policy
~ Charitable Gift Annuity
~ Living Trust
~ Life Estate Contract
~ Retirement Plan Assets
~ Beneficiary Designation
Once you have made arrangements with your attorney or estate planner, please fill out our confirmation form here and return it to us.

If you would like to talk to us first and learn more about legacy gifts to ARCH, contact Jennie at 602-230-9734 or email

You can give to ARCH in general or designate your gift to a particular program or purpose close to your heart:
• General ARCH Fund • Adult Services • Kids Services • A specific ARCH activity

You can also give on behalf of, or in memory of, someone else.

Benefits of Joining our ARCH Legacy Family:

Name recognition on our honor roll on our website (unless you request to be anonymous)

A memorial brick in our Sidewalk of Celebrations

A special invite to our Annual ARCH showcase event and celebration