“ARCH has taught me how to be nice and to be more calm. My self-esteem has got better.

I am very theatrical but ARCH has helped me to put that on the stage. I’ve gone from speaking one line in a play to a lot! I like getting to know people and where they come from and their nationalities.

“When I think of ARCH I think of hope, love and friendship”

What is your favorite hobby?

“I love dancing!”

What is on favorite thing you do?

“I like to go hang out at the movies.”

What is your idea of fun?

“Fun = going to amusement parks.”

What is something you love doing?

“I love getting to meet new people, especially when it comes to those here at ARCH.”

Would you rather live without TV or your computer?

“The computer! I can’t get rid of my shows.”

What are two things you consider yourself to be good at?

“Well, hmmm… I am good at 1) helping others and 2) performing. By performing I mean dancing, singing, and acting with our ARCH performances.”