“I was born and raised at ARCH. I was here when we didn’t have all this stuff, like the gym. We used to have to play basketball outside in 123 degrees heat. Now we can play inside in the new gym!"

"I enjoy everything about ARCH, I can’t point out just one thing. The staff work with everybody.“

Why do you like ARCH?

“I like ARCH because it is fun. We pay lots of sports.”

What is one of your hidden talents?

“I am really good at riding bikes.”

What are two favorite skills ... about yourself?

“Hmmm, anything to do with sports. My top two are basketball and football during our ARCH Special Olympics.”

Name one of your favorite things about being here at ARCH.

“The staff. Mainly Travis. He makes sure I get to do all the outings and trips that I like to do. He gets me involved.”

Name one of your favorite things to do outside of program hours.

“I like to hang out with my girlfriend Jessica. We like to go out and do things like the ARCH dances and spend time with each other.”

Favorite Event at ARCH.

“The trips. Especially Laughlin!”