“I like that at ARCH my abilities are received and accepted with a positive outlook. People look to me to give my abilities to them and I can show them what I can do and direct it."

"'I’ve learnt how to be calmer. I used to be called ‘fast Eddy’ and that was scary! ARCH has calmed down my anger. If anything was what I didn’t want, I’d react to that, before. My coping skills are now better."'

"'When I think of ARCH I think ‘3 deep breaths – it works!”

What's your favorite thing about ARCH?

“I get to meet other participants like me and help them.”

What do you do outside of ARCH?

“I like to fix things. I tinker in mechanics, painting, you just name it!”

What's your favorite sport?

“Honestly, I am down for anything if it helps out others.”

What are two things you would say you are good at?

“Well, there is a lot I could say, haha, but I would have to say 1) listening to others and 2) fixing things like mechanics.”

What's your favorite activity at ARCH?

“Cooking class with Hanni.”

Quote from Hanni about Ed:

“He is my helper. He helps sweep, setup, do dishes, etc. I always want him involved!”