“ARCH has helped me to get away from home, to be independent and to have ‘Maria time’".

"You have the option of whether to participate or not. Arch gives you more choices of things to do."

“It has taught me to be more patient and to learn not to say bad words.”

What is your favorite program at ARCH?

“ I love getting my nails done with Azsu. She makes them so pretty and colorful.”

What do you like to do outside of ARCH?

“I love to shop!”

What are two things you consider yourself to be good at?

“1) Washing dishes and 2) I know my fashion.”

What is a hidden talent you have?

“I would say giving others advice. In a loving way or not, just depends on the person.”

What is something you want to do more of?


What is your favorite ARCH trip?

“It would have to be Laughlin or Sea World!”