ARCH T-Shirts

We are excited to launch our new ARCH T-shirt Collections, working in partnership with Life Prints Designs from Phoenix.

For every t-shirt you purchase, ARCH receives part of the proceeds.

You can order a T-shirt, Sweatshirt or Hoodie in all the designs.

Choose from our basic design which includes our ARCH logo and new tagline 'A Place to Thrive, Enriching Lives'.

OR choose from one of the 'Razzle Dazzle Collection' designs by our resident participant artist, Bernie. Some of these designs have our general ARCH Logo on them and some have our new ARCH Friends logo on them.

To order, click on the one you like below and it will take you to the Life Prints Designs website where you can finalize your order, choose the style you want (T-shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt), choose the color you want, choose your size and make your payment (click on paypal and you can still pay by card even if you don't have a paypal account). Prices differ depending on your size. Sales Tax and Shipping costs may be added at checkout. Scroll down this page to see all the choices.

ARCH Logo & Tagline Prices:

T-shirt ARCH Logo: $12.99-$18.99

Sweatshirt ARCH Logo: $15.99-$21.99

Hoodie ARCH Logo: $19.99-$25.99

The Razzle Dazzle Collection:

Bernie is a super duper colorer. She believes better colors equal better truth. Inspired by her native Navajo and Apache background, she loves to use vibrant colors when coloring her patterns and shapes.

Bernie's Razzle Dazzle Collection features 5 different designs: Heart Jewel, Heart Flowers, Just Breathe, Life is Better with Friends and Tree.

All of Bernie's Designs are available in T-shirt, Sweatshirt and Hoodies (Click on the T-shirt image and it will take you the Life Prints Designs website where you can choose your style).

Razzle Dazzle Collection Prices:

T-shirts Razzle Dazzle: $14.99-$16.99

Sweatshirt Razzle Dazzle: $17.99-$23.00

Hoodie Razzle Dazzle: $21.99-$25.99