Lance’s Experience with Civitan Club

Why do I love being a Civitan?

Well, the reason why I love being a Civitan is because it’s like having another family but they are like brothers and sisters and sometimes we have our laughs and sometimes we have our sad times but mostly we have fun times. Our Civitan group is all about working together and helping each other and most of all fellowship with another lifts each other up. Civitan is all about being a great role model and serving each other in our community.

What do we do as a group?

We have: Camp, Church, Meetings, Volunteer activities, such as building a ramp at someone’s house.

Most of us at our home have outside jobs and we come home at different times and others go to day programs such as ARCH, for people with developmental disabilities. ARCH has great programs so that others can learn how to speak to the deaf.

My other favorite part of being a Civitan is learning how to work with others and I always participate in everything. Once a year we have our walkathon in October and Chris Zarkan raises a lot every year and he does a really great job at it. In November we have our annual Civitan Boutique, where we raise more for our club. In the month of December, my favorite part is when we go see the Phoenix Zoo Lights and see the trees lit up.

Phoenix Bird Civitan Club Secretary