Performing Arts

Art elevates the spirit, ignites the imagination, and stimulates thought and creativity

ARCH Alive & ARCH Hand Jive

ARCH Alive, one of the most popular programs at ARCH, is the foundation of our Performing Arts program and has been directed for over 30 years by Hanni Wischer. ARCH Alive performers focus on ballroom dance, modern dance, and ‘acting’ out hit songs. Performers learn to work in pairs and as a large ensemble. Participants increase their ability to focus, improve rhythm and balance. Ballroom dance, in particular, develops skills in non-verbal communication and teamwork. ARCH Hand Jive is the sign language interpretation component of ARCH Alive. Performers, working with Hanni, reinforce the skills learned in the sign language class through song interpretation.These interpretations require precision and focus. ARCH Hand Jive is always one of the high points of our Friends and Families Night performances.

The Company

The Company is our most advanced Performing Arts group and actors must audition for a spot. The work in this ensemble is structured like an actual theatre company; it is a significant commitment for the actors. The performers collaborate with the directors to develop a storyline, create characters, improvise scenes, and finally shape the actual writing of a play. The ensemble builds the play scene by scene; adding movement and rewriting during rehearsals. In the course of the rehearsal period, many changes are made requiring a diligent and flexible ensemble. The Company has written and performed: a murder mystery, a soap opera, personal monologues as well as character monologues, and a series of challenging 2 person scenes.

ARCH Angels

Established in 2011, the ARCH Angels choir is a joyful way to learn to listen to each other and work as an ensemble. They perform as a large ensemble, in quartets, trios, duets and some singers earn solos. The performers and director choose the songs together and then go to work perfecting each song for performance. Lyrics, rhythms and tunes are learned in class and practiced at home to ensure that we, indeed, sound like Angels. See a recent performance video here.

ARCH Jing-a-lings

Our newest Performing Arts group is a Bell Choir called ARCH Jing-a-lings, a small, but mighty group. As a Bell choir the performers must work as a team. Each performer is responsible for 1 bell or 1 note and that note is repeated many times in a song. Learning to ring the bell in the right place and in the correct rhythm takes excellent listening skills and extraordinary teamwork. And the ARCH Jing-a-lings only rehearse one day a week – Amazing!