STEPS to Health & Wellness

STEPS is our Health & Wellness Program and is loosely based on a federal program developed in 2004, 'STEPS to a Healthier US'. At ARCH, we firmly believe that we are a part of the solution for better Community Health for our participants.

Over the years we have partnered with Arizona State University, Phoenix College, Gateway Community College, University of Phoenix, Abrazo, and Cigna.

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Our main 3 objectives are:

1. To improve the general health, fitness and well-being of participating individuals.

2. To reduce healthcare costs for participants and their families through preventive screening and an enhanced overall level of fitness.

3. To provide individuals with special needs greater access to needed healthcare services.

The Four Pillars of STEPS are:

Healthy Choices

Immunizations, hygiene, safety education, and mindfulness activities

Physical Activity

Encouraging and creating programs that increase physical activity and build strength

Preventive Screenings

Vision, dental, podiatry, skin cancer and other screenings to detect and prevent diseases

Healthy Eating

Nutrition education and healthy lunch options for our participants