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Both Arizona natives, Rufus and Margaret have been involved with ARCH for many years and now work here. You may meet Margaret when you first arrive at ARCH and come to our welcome desk. Rufus is one of our dedicated drivers who drops off and picks up participants daily.

We asked them more about their story:

How long have you worked at ARCH and how did you first hear about ARCH?

Margaret: Since 2011

Rufus: Since 2012

Margaret: Our son, Eric, comes to ARCH. He has been coming here for 24 years. He is autistic but he is good at reading and math.

Rufus: He has been mute since her was 2 years old, though he did say some words as a baby. His first word was ‘Elephant!’

Margaret: ARCH was looking for a part-time receptionist to help out for 2 weeks. I came to help and I ended up staying! Then a year later Rufus joined ARCH as a driver. He had been volunteering and helping out before that, such as driving for the ARCH trips.

What do you like about ARCH?

Margaret: I’m thankful there’s a place like ARCH for Eric. His life would be boring and lonely at home.

Rufus: Here he gets to socialize. Everyone here has all different abilities and diagnoses but they all do things together in groups and they get to choose what they want to do.

What do you think is unique about ARCH?

Margaret: There are no other facilities in Phoenix like it. They can spend the day here. They have socialization opportunities inside and outside in the community. They get to do lots of different activities. It’s really important for them!

Rufus: ARCH takes in so many different types of people. You know it stands for something if people don’t leave, but they come back day after day. Kip and Vera always have time for participants and whenever they go into their offices they always stop and listen.

What’s Eric’s favorite activity at ARCH?

Margaret: He likes bowling and visiting the dollar store and library. He also likes to tease people and is playful!

Rufus: He is quite the comic! He told us he would like to work at Disneyland or Crispy Crème Donuts!

Where do you see ARCH in 10 years time?

Rufus: I see it owning other neighboring buildings, maybe for participants to live in.

Margaret: We hope Kip and Vera's vision for ARCH continues for many years to come.

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