Volunteer Appreciation

ARCHKids Playground Opening!
May 31, 2017
Diamondbacks Outing
August 1, 2017
Big Thanks to our wonderful volunteers who helped at our ARCHKids Field Day ~ employees from Shutterfly Foundation and WebPT, and students from Trevor Brown High School. We couldn't have done it without you!
Photos by Brock Lefferts from WebPT and Alyssa Ryan Photography from Shutterfly.


  1. Larry Wissler says:

    I love this blog. It really looks nice.

  2. Liftplus says:

    Cheers to all the volunteers!

  3. Michael Brown says:

    What a wonderful way to share how meaningful and thankful you are to the volunteers. Great job on your continued efforts to upgrade the technology so more people can be reached and understand the about the essential services you provide for the community.

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