As part of our STEPS to Health & Wellness program, we are embarking on a new innovative project called ‘Give a Grin’ to provide much needed dental care to our low income adult participants. In collaboration with the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health (ASDOH) at the A.T.Still University (ATSU) based in Mesa, Arizona, as part of their ‘Dentistry in the Community’ outreach program, ATSU will provide 20 dentistry students and all required professional and hygienic facilities. Students will conduct initial exams, x-rays and cleanings on-site at ARCH and then develop individual treatment plans for more advanced treatments. Some of our participants recently attended A.T. Still's 'Smile a Day' and received emergency treatments. However many of our other participants still need intervention.

Thank you to A.T.Still University for their help so far. We look forward to developing our partnership in the future. Thanks too to the nurses from Grand Canyon University who attend ARCH weekly and provide support to the dental students when they are on site at ARCH.