Staff Spotlight: Derrick Martinez

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January 23, 2017
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February 28, 2017
This month we are featuring our ARCHKids Coordinator, Derrick Martinez.

Raised in Phoenix since the age of 2, Derrick, now age 33, has worked at ARCH for 15 years, working his way up to become the main supervisor for our ARCHKids programs at our Colter St. campus. When he isn’t supervising staff, picking up clients, filling in daily log sheets or supporting one of our ARCHKids clients, you can also find him doing the daily staff lunch run or overseeing cooking in the kitchen for ARCH events!

What’s your job at ARCH and what does it entail?

I’m the ARCHKids Coordinator which means I plan all the kids activities and oversee all the programming for their programs at the main ARCH building on Colter St.

How long have you worked at ARCH and how did you first get involved?

I’ve worked for ARCH for 15 years. I first heard about the organization via my school teacher, Marlas (Kip and Vera’s sister). I needed a part-time job so I started working in the Kids program in Paradise Valley. She saw my potential when I was in school, saw it was something I was good at and steered me in the right direction. Eventually I took over running the Paradise Valley program whilst also working for a school district. However I ideally wanted to work for ARCH full-time so when the opportunity arose I applied for a full-time role at the Colter St. site. I first worked for the ARCHKids manager Justin, then when he left I was moved up into my present role as ARCHKids Coordinator.

What do you like about ARCH and what it offers?

I like ARCH because it’s like a family community. Everyone likes being here and people don’t take things too seriously. It’s a friendly and relaxed place to be and to work. Everyone trusts each other. It’s a comfortable environment for kids to grow and be nurtured in.

What are the unique things about ARCH?

1. Its family atmosphere.
2. Everyone really does care for each other.
3. Everyone wants to have fun.
4. Everyone wants to succeed.
5. Everyone is here to benefit our clients.

Where do you see ARCH being in 10 years time?

Hopefully growing and becoming more of a fixture within the Phoenix area. Many organizations are having to shut down so hopefully people can come and use our facilities. I’d like to see more healthcare, more fine arts activities, reading classes and we have plans for a new Health & Education building in the future.

I’ve always stuck around ARCH, even when other job opportunities have come up, I’ve always enjoyed my job at ARCH.


  1. Gina says:

    Derrick has such a wonderful gift with all of the kids & clients. He always has great ideas, projects and events for them to do. Great Job Derrick!!

  2. Rachel Lustiger says:

    Derrick is really amazing! He never runs out of ideas and always treats the clients with respect and friendship. We are so lucky to have him there for our son.

  3. Debra Wright says:

    CJ has been a wonderful blessing to Jimmie and our family. Always very helpful!

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