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January 25, 2017
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If you have ever visited ARCH on a weekday morning you will probably have met our morning receptionist CJ. Describing herself as “Part of a military family so from everywhere”, CJ, mother of 4, has been involved in ARCH for over 20 years, first as a volunteer , and later employed here as the receptionist, a driver and one of the Kitchen Coodinators for events.

Known also as “Grace’s Mom”, CJ always brings a smile to our mornings. We asked CJ more about her connection to ARCH:

How long have you been involved in ARCH?

I’ve been involved for about 20 years since my daughter Grace starting working at ARCH. Initially I volunteered and spent time here talking and socializing with people. I went to Diamondbacks games, helped with cooking and helped on the Front Desk. Eventually they hired me and now I still do all those things but I also drive participants to and from home. Hanni and I oversee the cooking for most of the ARCH events and proms. I also go on camping trips. On the Front Desk I check people in as they arrive and liaise with all the Dial-a-ride drivers. I answer the phones and answer people’s questions.

Tell me more about the driving you do for ARCH?

Well, I used to drive an 18 wheeler truck - a Big Rig – for a living, so I’m used to driving! I drive some of the kids in the After-School Program at ARCH, in the mornings and afternoons.

What do you love about ARCH?

Seeing the progress that the clients make, learning how to do things. I enjoy seeing what they can do over time.

Where do you see ARCH being in 10 years time?

Bigger and Better!

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  1. Debra Wright says:

    CJ has always been an amazing and wonderful blessing to Jimmie and I. She’s awesome!
    Debbie Wright and Jimmie Cherry

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