Playground Construction
January 20, 2017
ARCHKids Winter Break Trips 2016
January 23, 2017
It’s a new year and our kids now have access to a new state of the art adaptive playground at the back of our ARCHKids building. It has interactive play stations, heat reducing landscaping; activity structures that encourage movement, splash pad will soon have a covered picnic/outdoor break area. The children’s outdoor activity area supports the 'Get Out and Play' module of our health and wellness plan for youth to combat obesity and encourage more physical activity.

“The kids love it!”, said Derrick Martinez, ARCHKids Coordinator,” They want to play on it all the time, even when we tell them it’s too cold! They’re getting a lot of exercise and enjoying running around. They’re really proud of it and have been showing their parents and families saying ‘Come and see our playground!’”.

We asked some of our kids what they think of the new playground:

“I like playing on the playground with my friends”.

“I like the swing and the slide”.

“I like the safety swing that keeps me strapped in, and the musical piano on the playground”.

“I like playing Castle, going on the slide, and climbing”.

In 2015 after the ARCHKids Building was completed, we always said it would be nice for there to be a welcoming play area for the kids around the back in the unused space behind the building. Then during a visit from the Arizona Sports & Tourism Authority (AZSTA), while walking around ARCH, they suggested that ARCH apply to them to build a playground. We then engaged a local architect, Don Campbell, who created our wonderful playground designs and put budgets in place.
The next step was to raise the necessary funds. AZSTA, The Neighborhood Services Department at the City of Phoenix, the Valley Kids Foundation and the Schulz Charitable Foundation all kindly contributed money towards the project. Staff from WebPT also donated money from what they had raised. G & G Specialty Contractors won the contract to build the playground.
ARCH Executive Director said, "It's been so exciting to watch this unfold. It was just barren space before but now it is a vibrant, safe and exciting space that our kids run to every day!

We are not just promoting exercise in keeping with our Get Out & Play Initiative but also happiness!"

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