The ARCH Building: 1987 to Today

The History of ARCH: 1975-1985
October 12, 2016
The builders started on site at our new Colter St location, in 1986 ...
In 1987 we opened the new building and started to fit it out inside ...
Almost 30 years later and ARCH now has an additional gym area, Universal Sports Field, Fitness Center, Kitchen, ARCHKids building and Patio area ...
Look at our before and after slider below to see how our site used to look compared to today!
We have more plans to keep building and developing our site in the future! Watch this space!



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  1. James Brown says:

    Wow what a great history. I move to this neighborhood in 1996 and I’m very happy to say that ARCH is my neighbor and friend. I have seen for myself the great work and miracles created from this great organization. From the time I very first stepped on the campus I felt part of the arch family. Our community is in need of this facility and organization helping those who are the most deserving. Great job on the new website including the history thank you so much for your hard work

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